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Working from Home – Is it realistic?

Working from home ….  If only, if only I hear you say … If you’re anything like me, the thought of working from home can seem like a recipe for a brilliant work-life balance.  Sometimes, though, you have to be careful what you wish for as the very thing you desire can turn out nothing like you expected.

I’ve been lucky to experience what it’s like to work from home, I’ve been able to sit at the laptop with wet hair whilst doing an online tuition or wear my dreaded Miss Magoo spectacles when speaking with someone on Skype.  But, let me be the first one to tell you that being on your own is very often enough to drive you mad.  I truly understand what it means when people say that silence can be deafening.

Working at home – What would I miss?

Getting away from a workplace you don’t want to be in, or commute to, is great but most people, including me, miss company.  Yes, I admit it.

I watched a programme the other day about how the very wealthy now choose to live and it came as no surprise to discover that the billionaire rattling round his mansion felt lonely despite what other people might ‘think’ was an ideal life.

People still need people the world over and there is now a shift in thinking as to how and where the rich choose to live.  One example is the Agalarov Estate in Russia.  At this point, you’re probably wondering what I’m rambling on about but bear with me.  This estate is a place where the super wealthy actually choose to live with other rich neighbors and share facilities like a golf course, a lake and a shooting range.  The billionaire behind the project, Aras Agalarov described it as:

a new kind of civilization… a kind of utopian social experiment …

That’s a bit of clever thinking on the part of Mr Agalarov in respect of real estate and it’s exactly what’s happening in the age of digital real estate too.

Working from home – What not to do

I am a prime example of what not to do when working from home.  I am an only child and had conditioned myself to thinking that I could do everything by myself or in other words, I had the ‘lone wolf’ mentality.  How wrong was I?

Sharing information with others, spreading knowledge and experience has taught me a lot about what I have been doing wrong in my own life.  It’s also shown me that I have a lot to give in terms of experience and advice.

Getting someone else’s point of view about a difficult situation has been a bit of a revelation and certainly tends to keep me on the straight and narrow if I ever feel like I’m going off course.  Sounds twee but sharing is caring and it really is the truth.

Working From Home – Making it work for you

So, my point is that if you choose to work from home no one needs to be lonely if they don’t want to be.  The Agalarov Estate mirrors The Super Affiliate Network community insofar as there is a rich community that’s welcoming and active all over the world.  I don’t necessarily mean ‘rich’ in terms of money either, it is rich in terms of advice and support which everyone is willing to share with their neighbors.

We all have different problems whether they are technical, financial or family related.  Whatever they might be, you can be certain someone else has experienced or is experiencing the same thing.   Having a community also makes you accountable and also gives you a competitive edge because it highlights what others are doing right and makes you want to achieve those results too.  This keeps pushing you forward and driving the sorts of results you want for your own business.

You can ‘live’ and learn within the community, get advice, develop friendships and then retreat back to your privacy whenever you choose.  Perfect for the introverted entrepreneurs out there.  For me, that was a really important ‘plus point’ as being that lone wolf and holding yourself inside four walls isn’t always the best approach to a work life balance.

On a more practical note there are any number of places now that have free WiFi which allows you to get out there amongst your own community.  Your office can be anywhere from your local coffee shop to your kitchen table.  The beauty of it all is that you can make your own decision about where and how you want to work safe in the knowledge that a community is available to you when you need it.

As always, I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author


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