Who’s on Your Team?

Who's On Your Team?

When I was growing up I was part of what I thought was a large, loving family.  We shared lots of landmark celebrations like coming of age, weddings, Christmases etc.  I felt part of a unit and I thought that unit would always be there.  It was a place where I felt happy and at peace with the world, never for one minute envisaging that it would one day just disappear seemingly overnight.

Well, the years passed and I went to university where I gained an excellent degree from a very well respected university in the UK.  This sadly seemed to be the catalyst for a string of family jealousies that just seemed to spiral.  It was as if I was being frozen out by family members and I remember questioning myself over and over again how our family just seemed to fall apart.  No more family celebrations, just literally left out in the cold.

This happened a long time ago and to this day I still find it difficult to recall let alone share.  But, share it I have because it’s important to remember and evaluate who is on YOUR team.  Family should always be a priority if it is family you love, care for and respect.  Sometimes though we find our real friends and team members outside of our blood family.  The saying, ‘You can choose your friends, not your family,’ definitely applies to me!

We all need a support network however successful we become.  Serena Williams won her 22nd grand slam title at Wimbledon this year and whilst arguably the greatest female tennis player to have ever lived she has not achieved greatness of her own.  She has an entire team beavering away in the background working on her body, her mind and her game.  She is the product of many ingredients that have made her truly great.

In order for us to rise to the top, we must choose our team carefully.  So, Who’s On Your Team?

Much like what we eat reflects our physical and mental wellbeing so too this applied to the people we surround ourselves with.  I came to the sad realisation that the family I had were not the people I thought they were.  That has led to us being distanced and in no way involved with what happens in each other’s lives.  I have accepted this and am at peace with the situation now as painful as it has been.  I have learned that to do anything else leads only to toxicity and unhappiness.  These things have no place in our lives if we wish for that life to be fulfilled, happy and successful.

Choose your team members carefully and move forward into the future full of hope and positivity.

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author

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