Tried Everything Under The Sun?

Tried Everything Under The Sun?

Yes, me too.

For the longest time, I tortured myself with thoughts of failure and a flagging self belief that I was simply not good enough.

Here’s a list of a few things I tried as I struggled to get my breakthrough:-

  • Writing books in the ‘chick-lit’ genre [epic failures on both attempts]
  • Inventing a board game
  • A stint as a model [which was very short-lived and yes, I was told to lose weight]
  • An extra on a TV show
  • A make-up artist [which I did for friends’ weddings but never took off as a business]

This is over a 20+ year timeframe I hasten to add but it shows that I have felt the pain of not being where I want to be, not earning enough money and not feeling like I had really made it.

I get that 100%.

The positive I can take from these experiences is that I never gave up, I still had the entrepreneurial spirit and I believe that the paths we go down have to be travelled in order for us to appreciate the right outcome when it comes our way.

Life is a series of experiences and it either has to be viewed as an adventure or nothing at all.  Entrepreneurs are never content with achieving a goal because once they’ve cracked something they are hungry for the next challenge and the next ….

Even though I qualified as a lawyer, I have never seen myself as just being one dimensional or intended to do just one thing for the rest of my life.  I like the idea of being multi-faceted, of experiencing different things at different times of my life.

Why should we box ourselves in?

Whatever we decide to do, I think the questions we should all be asking are, ‘Does it feel right?’, ‘Does it serve others?’ and ‘Do I believe in what I am doing 100%?’

For some people, this question is easier to answer and the right ‘thing’ just seems to drop into their laps very early on.  This didn’t happen to me and my journey/quest to find what suited me has been long and yes, sometimes difficult.  I can relate to those feelings completely because so many of us take longer to really work out what it is we want.

But, if I can do it, so can you and I would love to be able to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author

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