Top 10 hacks for online success

Top 10 Hacks For Online Success

I love a shortcut and I wish I’d had the list I’m about to share with you below to get me started on my digital journey.  So here we go: –

Top 10 hacks for online success

  1. Let go of your fears and suspend all disbelief.  If you want a better life, one of more abundance in every way, you must believe that it exists right now.  Believe in that reality.  Be unshakeable. If you Google Jim Carrey’s story you will see how massively successful he became through the power of visualisation.  Here’s an example from the Oprah show and it’s only a few minutes long: –

  1. Do ONE thing well rather than attempt lots of things and end up in a mess.  This prevents overwhelm and is why the platform I use [The Super Affiliate Network] concentrates on just solo ads which are simplicity itself.  No searching for keywords, no stabbing in the dark and no sinking feeling when you find nothing has been working …
  1. Paid marketing is the only way to scale your business.  You must commit to finding a budget if you want to grown and expand your business.
  1. Have an authority website where you can blog and give value through your writing.  This allows you to drive traffic through your emails to your website.
  1. Take MASSIVE action once you’ve been shown how to do something.  Imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction.  We all make mistakes but they are just part of the learning process.
  1. Build a relationship with your list through emails.  Show your subscribers that you’re a real person and build on the three key elements of ‘Knowing YOU, Liking YOU and trusting YOU’.
  1. Have a Daily Method of Operation [DMO].  This is a structured list of things you need to do in order to remain focussed and moving forward.  I keep mine in a spreadsheet using Google Sheets which means I can access it anywhere in the world [not just through my own computer].
  1. Have that monthly budget to build your traffic list and work with it consistently. Think about any unnecessary expenditure [like Starbucks lattes …] that you can put back into your business.  It all adds up!  The more you can invest and if you are consistent in your investment, the quicker you will scale.
  1. Reinvest in your business.  When you make sales, don’t just blow it all on the latest Apple gadget.  If you reinvest then you will scale your business far more quickly as this creates a compounding effect much like how your savings increases when invested in a high interest account.
  1. Don’t hide who you are.  Show your subscribers you’re a real person through your own stories and life journey.  We all have a story and this should be shared so that people resonate with who you are.  People buy from people, not businesses.

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author


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