The Best Gift For a Child

The best gift for a child

The Best Gift For a Child – Firstly let me tell you what I think it is not

In this day and age, it is virtually impossible to go into a child’s home and not bear witness to a technological overload of handheld devices in varying shapes and sizes.  It saddens me to see that the art of conversation has been lost as children retreat further and further into a vortex of online games, people they don’t know and mindless imagery.

The internet is a double-edged sword as it gives our children the access to a wealth of information we believed nigh on impossible just a few short years ago.  As a child, I used to love visiting the library to research homework assignments but now all a child has to do is a few minutes’ search on the internet and hey presto, it’s all there.

As a private tutor, I am always trying to encourage children [and their parents] to make more effort and not just treat research as a quick ‘cut and paste’ exercise.

In a nutshell:  expensive devices don’t replace life’s simple pleasures nor do they create magic memories.

The Best Gift For a Child – My simple mantra

If there is one piece of advice I would pass on to anyone with a child it would be this:

Do not weight them down with masses of possessions.

By this I am not advocating that they live in a sterile environment with no toys, television or books etc.  What I am saying is that there is a lightness and freedom in fewer physical possessions that are really well chosen.

I really do believe that less is more.

It’s a simple message but, for me, a very powerful one.

The Best Gift For a Child – Your time and the effort you put into creating memories

Think very carefully about your choices.

I truly believe that experiences and time spent with a child are priceless.  Presents bought for children are often quickly relegated to the back of a cupboard or sold on Ebay.

But, do you know what, a child will always remember the time, love and effort you put into creating an experience for them like those pretend Santa footprints by the fireplace at Christmas, that note you wrote from the tooth fairy or the family holiday you arranged to go to Disney World.

The Best Gift For a Child – What happens if you live a long way from your child?

Family life has changed so much in recent times and rare indeed is the family who hasn’t encountered divorce, bereavement, step parents, blended families and perhaps even emigration to some far flung location.

The world truly is our oyster but this also means that many miles may distance you from your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or godchild.  Postage can be both unreliable, inconvenient and expensive.  What’s more, buying for children of certain ages can be extremely difficult.

‘Cash is definitely king’ in many respects but it is also a soulless commodity.  However, it is what many children want even if it does mean losing the personal touch.  I think one way of making up for the loss of a personal touch is to forward a handwritten card.

The art of writing is another gifting habit that has somehow been consigned to history in an age of computer generated greetings cards, text messages and emails.  I, for one, have kept many of the handwritten notes my mum sent to me and they will stay with me far longer than a physical gift.

Children have long memories and I can honestly say that it is not physical gifts that count but time and effort inputted into creating a unique and special experience.  It is not about expense but your presence in their lives [whether physical / on Skype / the written word] that is truly the best gift for a child.

The Best Gift For a Child – Don’t give them a ‘thing’ give them a ‘happening’

I love this expression as it sums up beautifully everything I believe in when it comes to gifting.

Childhood is short and should be stuffed to the brim with fantastic memories they can relay back to friends and family as they grow older.  You create their life experiences and mould them into the people they become.  We are all bespoke individuals and that is why I believe that everyone’s lives should be too.

That is why I created Bespoke By Rachel which caters for both adults and kids alike.  If you’re looking for the best gift for a child then why not give them a bespoke ‘mini film’ experience.  As an established and published writer, I would work with you to create a perfect little poem for the girl or boy in question which would then be read out by a princess or superhero.   Your mini film would then be emailed [so no postage] to you for you to store as a memory for many years to come.  Your child could then relive that memory for many, many years to come, knowing how much effort, love and care you put into creating that special memory just for them.

Just remember that whatever you choose to do, childhood is short but memories are hardwired forever.

Make your bespoke choice count.

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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The best gift for a child

The best gift for a child

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