The Best 11 Plus Resources

The Best 11 Plus Resources

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When it comes to preparing for the 11+ and accessing the best 11Plus resources, it can be an absolute minefield of options and expenses so knowing where to find the best 11+ resources is a must.  However, as a private tutor of many years’ experience, I have come up with some definitive resources that I recommend year in and year out.

My previous post, How To Pass the 11+ exam, recommended the Bond and Schofield and Sims books and I wholeheartedly recommend them in this post again as they are invaluable when it comes to laying the foundations of preparation.  I make no apology for repeating the recommendation as they are fantastic.

As part of my 11+ / Education series I have compiled a number of my top tips and recommendations as follows: –

The Best 11 Plus Resources – for verbal reasoning and general vocabulary improvement

I recommend the flashcard pack is from Farquhar’s Vocabulary flashcards.  This isn’t cheap to obtain but extremely useful as they have cross referenced a vast amount of verbal reasoning papers to create the flashcard sets.  This eliminates daunting word lists that children can often find overwhelming.  These little card are great to split into manageable chunks and keep in the car, kitchen or wherever you have some spare time to practise.

Level 1 is called ‘Confidence Building, Level 2 is ‘Serious about Vocabulary’, Opposites Level 1, Opposites Level 2 and Compound Words.

Everyone I have recommended these to have been thrilled with these little packs of condensed brilliance and children really do enjoy using them.  You can also mix in word search books, puzzle books, Sudoku etc as enjoyable 11+ practice resources too.  You can get cheap ‘bumper’ books at most supermarkets.

The Best 11 Plus Resources – for Creative Writing

If your chosen school uses a creative writing piece as part of their 11+ exam then fear not, help is at hand.   Many children struggle with writing creatively and I would always stress that being a reader goes hand in hand with being a great writer.

However, the Descriptosaurus [plus CD] by Alison Wilcox is an excellent book to support creative writing between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age.  It is a wonderful resource with carefully segmented sections that cover how to build a character, how to describe landscapes or houses and also how to develop descriptive sentences.

I bought one myself and I can honestly say that I love it.  What’s more, the children love it too as it is so well laid out and very engaging.

The Best 11 Plus Resources – English dictionary and Thesaurus

I am amazed that so many people profess not to own a decent dictionary.  The 11+ tests never shy away from adult texts and so a child who can navigate an adult dictionary is the child who will learn, progress and succeed in my opinion.

What’s more, using a thesaurus will also help your child to understand the importance of finding alternatives to boring words such as ‘good’ or ‘nice’.  A thesaurus will provide synonyms [words with similar meanings] and improve your child’s research skills.

Please don’t bother with a Children’s dictionary or a compact version!

The Best 11 Plus Resources – Schools where you may find useful FREE 11+ papers:

Just go to the Admissions’ section of the site and look for speciment 11+ papers.
























The Best 11 Plus Resources – Other websites: – – my own tuition website where you can find my 11+ private tutor contact details and testimonials.

Follow me on Facebook for some great weekly Star Turn Tuition top tips!  [free audio books]  If your child isn’t a big reader, try and encourage them to listen to stories.  Everyone loves to be read to so this could be the ideal stepping stone. – great preparation for verbal reasoning and quite addictive too!  Also, for every correct answer you give they will donate 10 grains of rice via the World Food Programme.  A win win all round. and – great for free classical books – just search ‘free classical books’. – this is a very good site, particularly its Maths Zone. – a very useful and FREE grammar site particularly useful for the GL Assessment English test.

The Best 11 Plus Resources – Television programme/ app

Channel 4’s Countdown for both numeracy and literacy skills is an excellent way to get your child to improve their skills combined with the 30 second countdown.  The more you practise the better you get and as the clock will be your child’s biggest enemy this a fantastic, fun way to get your child used to a timed, pressurised situation.

You can even get the Countdown app right here!

The Best 11 Plus Resources – Newspaper articles

Keeping abreast of current affairs is important but most adult newspapers wouldn’t be suitable for most young children which is why I recommend First News:

The Best 11 Plus Resources – The GL  Assessment practice packs

These are an excellent resource tool as they are both challenging and designed to assess how well your child will cope in the 11+ exam.  The ISBN links are below:-

Verbal Reasoning pack 1 [978-0-7087-1990-9]

Verbal Reasoning pack 2 [978-0-7087-2049-3]

Non Verbal Reasoning pack 1 [978-0-7087-1986-2]

Non Verbal Reasoning pack 2 [978-0-7087-2048-6]

Maths Pack 1 [978-0-7087-1988-6]

Maths Pack 2 [978-0-7087-2047-9]

English Pack 1 [MCQ] [978-0-7087-1984-8]

English Pack 2 [MCQ] [978-0-7087-2046-2]

I use these packs all the time and recommend them as excellent preparatory tools.  Children who can tackle these papers are already at an advantage in my opinion.

All these recommendations come from my own personal experience of tutoring the 11+ extensively.  By combining free and paid resources, you are giving your child the best chance of 11+ success and giving them the educational edge!

What’s more, if you want to read all my tips in one place, click here to access my book to find out how you can be your own tutor ‘on a shoestring’ and achieve 11+ success!

Here’s to life on your terms,

Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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The Best 11 Plus Resources

The Best 11 Plus Resources

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