Switching Energy Supplier

Switching Energy Supplier

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Switching energy supplier – The time is now

EDF and NPower have both announced that they will be hiking the cost of gas and electricity in March 2017.  British Gas, Eon and SSE are set to follow suit so now is the time to start making a move towards switching your energy supplier – right now!

Switching energy supplier – Save up to £618 on your energy bills by switching now!

If you’ve never done it then fear not.  Your gas and electricity supply does not stop, get interrupted or get affected in any way.  All that happens is that your supplier switches and that’s why you need to switch energy supplier with uSwitch.

Switching Energy Supplier

Switching Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier – Loyalty doesn’t pay

Please don’t be swayed by loyalty to your energy provider.  They are big businesses looking to make as much money out of the consumer as possible.

You aren’t doing yourself any favours by ‘sticking’ with them, in fact complacency is exactly what they want from you plus they’ll make you pay handsomely for not taking any action to change.

Switching energy supplier – What information do you need?

  1. Where you live [your postcode in other words]
  2. What your usage is [so grab your last gas and electricity bills]
  3. How you pay i.e. direct debit etc

Switching energy supplier – I’ve done it and it’s easy

I have used uSwitch a number of times and have always recommended that my mum does the same.

It’s been an extremely easy process.

Since 2006, uSwitch have been accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code and offer free, fair and impartial advice when it comes to you and your utilities.

Switching energy supplier – How does the uSwitch comparison work on their website?

  1. You enter your postcode and energy details into their site to get a bespoke comparison.
  2. uSwitch compare the whole market to work out what the best deal is for you.
  3. uSwitch uses no third party sites and they will even contact the new supplier for you.

Why not also see if uSwitch can help you with the following too: –

  1. Broadband / TV / Phone
  2. Mobiles
  3. Banking
  4. Insurance

After all, whilst we all need utilities we don’t have to pay through the nose for them.

Prevent your energy costs from soaring by switching to a fixed plan now.  uSwitch is free and easy to use so don’t waste any more time.  See what you can save as it’s better in your pocket than anyone else’s!

Here’s to life on your terms,

Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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Switching Energy Supplier

Switching Energy Supplier

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