Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

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As you may have already guessed from my headline, I love a bit of luxury but I want it to last as long as possible and get it for less.  My Grampsy always used to say that if you buy cheap, you buy twice which I wholeheartedly believe to this day.  Yes, I’ll admit I’ve dabbled in the world of ‘cheap toilet paper’ but I can assure you that I shall never return ….

So, I thought I’d write an article that covers how you can make your particular luxuries last longer so that the money you’re spending lasts as long as possible.

Health and Beauty

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Foundation and concealer

Don’t just slap it on and then wipe a lot of excess off onto a tissue.  Less really is more and that goes for the powder foundations too.

How often do you hear of the swirl and tap technique?  When you see this demonstrated they literally just tap all the excess powder into the air which is wasting a huge amount of product.  What I do is tap the excess into the product’s own lid.  If the lid isn’t big enough I make sure I keep a spare empty pot to hand so I can retain the excess product.  After all, if you’re buying a quality product you want it to last as long as possible.

Similarly with concealer, I always use a brush as not only is application more precise, it also uses a lot less product.  I use a small, synthetic brush with tightly packed bristles so that I literally only need a dab in a specific area.  If you daub or swipe product all over your face then not only will it look cakey and heavy it will also use up the product far more quickly.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Lipstick

How many lipsticks have you got that you’ve used but still have loads left at the bottom of the bullet?  Again, use a brush to dig out the remnants from the bottom and create lip glosses by adding a slick of Vaseline over the top.  You can even mix colours to create a new look without going out to spend yet more money on more cosmetics.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

Sunblock and face creams

I love my Clinique City Block Factor 40 but it’s not cheap.  I make it last by using a large pea size amount to cover my face, neck and the back of my hands.  Ultimately, investing sun block does cost money but as you can see from my picture that I’m quite youthful looking for someone in their 40s if I do say so myself.  That’s because I have always worn protection on my face and in particular City Block for more than 20 years.  I view an investment in my skin as worthwhile and in some ways priceless.  I always chop down by tubes too to make them go that bit further.  You can see from the picture below what I do and I can sometimes get an extra couple of weeks’ worth of product by doing this which adds up.

Get every last bit!

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

Also, ways to make buying your favourite product cheaper are: –

  • Code and cash back stacking.  For example if you wanted as particular Body Shop Cream you can [1] wait for the sale so prices are reduced in any event [2] use a Body Shop code [try Qmee which offers you small cash amounts for clicking through to sites and codes]  [3] use a cashback credit card like AMEX and [4] use a CashBack site like TopCashback.  This is what a side bar pop up will look like when you install Qmee: –


  • If you have an AMEX card, you are given exclusive money back offers and one example that paid off for me was a deal to buy at Harrods in December.  I bought 6 tubes of Clinique City Block Factor 40 at Harrods as opposed to buying them through Boots which would have cost £108.00.  Postage made it £113.95 but I got £30.00 cashback from AMEX meaning I paid £13.99 for each tube from Harrods as opposed to £18.00 from Boots.  On top of that, I still earn cashback from the money I spend on the AMEX card.

Harrods v Boots!

  • Use the Fatfingers website.  This is a fantastic site if you want to look for expensive items on Ebay such as Clinique.  Very often sellers misspell items and as a result, fewer people bid as they are harder to find.  For example, I’ve seen Clinique spelled as Clinque and other variations.  I once scored a fab Chantecaille mascara this way as the brand was spelled out so badly!

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Nail polish

Buying a better quality product always pays off in the long run as you get a better consistency and a better brush.  Think layers are better than thick which again makes your luxury product last longer.  I find that cheap polishes have awful  thick bristle brushes which means that the product goes on thickly and doesn’t set properly.  In other words, false economy.  If you want it to last, store the varnish in a cool place and keep it upright so it doesn’t ‘gunk up’.  If it does go gloopy, thin it by standing the bottle in a cup of hot water so that the lid loosens and the product thins.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Shampoo

I get all my luxury shampoos from TK Maxx not only because the sizes are bigger and therefore more economical but also they cost so much less.  However, think about how much you use.  Don’t just slosh a huge amount into the palm of your hand.  Build it up gradually depending on long/short/thick your hair is.  Also, ask yourself whether you need to wash your hair every day or every other day.  Twice a week is usually enough for most people.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Face wipes

I’ve found that some wipes are actually very large and I have been known to cut them in half and store them in a tupperware container.

If you don’t wear much makeup then this could be a bit of a no brainer.  Simple as that and they last twice as long.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Contact lenses

I wear a very high quality contact lens [Air Optix Night and Day] that are described as monthly disposables.  However, I am scrupulous with my cleaning, storage and handling routine and find that by not sleeping in them or wearing them for too long I can usually double my wearing time to two months.

Despite lots of searches I have never found mine to be cheaper than at Asda Opticians.  I get a pair for £12.00 so if I wear a pair for two months, I’m spending £72.00 per year on contact lenses.  I also use Asda’s own solutions which I find to be very good indeed and dramatically cheaper than branded solutions.  I would stress though that if you’re in any way lax about how you handle your lenses I would not recommend this strategy.  I do take extreme care of my lenses and I wash my hands carefully before handling them or removing them from my eyes.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Spectacles / Glasses

I broke a spectacularly expensive pair of glasses a couple of years back.  They were glass lenses and I dropped them in the sink.  Instead of spending a fortune having a whole new pair made with new frames, I simply spent a small amount of money at Reglaze my Glasses.  There was a deal on at the time as I recall but even with my Mr Magoo prescription I ended up paying only £10.00 to have the lenses replaced.

The moral of the story is to ask yourself whether you really need a whole new frame again.  They can cost a lot so just replacing the lenses is very cost effective.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Toothpaste

Adverts always show the toothbrush with the toothpaste filling the length of the brush.  You only actually need a pea size amount.  If you’re using an expensive paste then this really could save you a lot and make your product last longer.  Don’t waste it!

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Toothbrush

Cheap 10 pence brushes from the local supermarket are all well and good but I’m afraid I only buy them to clean dust from awkward little nooks and crannies!

I switched to an electric toothbrush a fews years ago and never looked back.  Not only does it clean teeth more quickly and efficiently but it has also saved me money longer term as I’ve not needed ‘polish and scale’ treatments by the hygienist.  Dental treatment is enormously expensive in the UK and I’m quite proud to confess that I have no fillings despite being the wrong side of 40!  If you don’t take care of your dental health then not only can it hurt your pocket but it can also have damaging effects on your physical health too.  If you don’t believe me, read this article by Colgate and if you’re not flossing and brushing for England by the end of it I’m not sure what else I can say!

I swear by my Colgate toothbrush which has served me well and I’d never go back to manual again.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Perfume

I spray once and that’s it for the day.  If you spray perfume on your clothes then the scent should last far longer than directly onto your skin.  A good quality perfume will last so don’t waste it away with lots of unnecessary squirts.  Your purse won’t thank you for it and subtle is always better than overpowering.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Shower gel and a bath puff

If you use a bath puff, a tiny amount lasts ages.  It’s as if by magic you create a volcanic amount of product from one very tiny dot of product.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products


  • Toilet paper

As mentioned before, I refuse to buy the ‘cheap stuff’ as it’s thinner and you just end up using more which is, of course, false economy.  I like the luxury brands but I always wait for offers so that I spend not more than 30 pence per roll if at all humanly possible.  If you look carefully at the supermarket price label, it will tell you how much each roll costs.  Buying small packs is guaranteed to be more expensive so spend a few moments inspecting those labels because after all, pennies make pounds and all that ….!

Bulk buying may be worthwhile but if you don’t have the storage  for a bazillion loo rolls [or family/friends to share a deal with] I would stick to just looking for offers at the supermarket and sites such as Groupon.

What’s more, when you’ve finished with them, save your loo rolls as people buy them for crafting on Ebay.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at this picture!

Say what?!

Say what?!

Whilst it may not be much, it’s something you can claw back and as I always say, that’s not to be sniffed at.

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

  • Washing powder and softener

If your clothes aren’t dirty and you’re simply freshening everything, try halving the amount of powder.  Same with your fabric softener.  I always use a high quality brand as I’ve found the cheaper ones just don’t hold their fragrance so it’s a false economy again.  Using less is also better for the environment so a win win all round.

Anyway, as the saying goes, every little helps ….

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

Saving Money on Health, Beauty and Household Products

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