I Need To Change My Life … FAST!

I Need To Change My life

Your reasons will be different but I wanted to share with you what were the 5 main turning points for me.

The realisation that a 9 – 5 just wasn’t going to work for me – a wakeup call

I’ve mentioned before that I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.  I was tired, my joints ached and I was generally feeling low about pretty much everything.  Life could have been worse, don’t get me wrong, but being in the workplace didn’t really help my situation either.  I’ll be honest with you, I was struggling and fitting into the expected work schedule just wasn’t cutting it for me and my health.

As we all know, health is precious and whilst money can fix a lot, it can’t guarantee health or a long and happy life.

I really struggled with being able to fit in exercise, walk a neighbor’s dog or just go for a walk simply because I was at work all day.

That’s when I realised that working from wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted was the answer to my problem.

A parent doesn’t become ill at convenient times like weekends …

We’re all getting older but our parents [and those other folk we love and care for] are too.

I was fighting the clock all the time when my mom became unwell.  I had to be around for her when she was struggling and I constantly had the fear in the back of my head about possibly needing to call in an emergency holiday at the last minute.

I was emotionally and physically torn in too many directions.  My head was full of things I had to do at work and stuff I had to do at home.  I couldn’t sleep properly and was spending the night worrying.  As a result, I was struggling to function during the day.  A vicious circle had slowly begun …

For me, that’s when I knew that the answer lay in giving myself choice and options.  Life and illness happens BUT, working under my terms meant that I could do what needed to be done without any other worries.  What a revelation that was!

I’m an only child and the burden of responsibility began to weigh down heavier and heavier

I don’t have family that I can rely on to help out when life gets tough.  No older brother to help fix the car or a younger sister to share and confide my worries.  That’s the same for a bunch of other people too, but when you realise that the buck stops right at your door, a mindset shift starts to happen.  You can’t just rely on someone else sorting things out when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan.

The trouble is, responsibility eats time and time is a limited resource.  I needed to leverage the time I had available to me and nothing leverages time better than harnessing the power of the internet.

I NEEDED to feel freedom

It’s not about the money let me tell ya!

I burned to have the taste of freedom and to feel I had choices.  I burned so much for it that it hurt.  I felt like a trapped animal at work – frustrated and resentful.  Tiny issues blew up out of all proportion and I noticed more and more bureaucracy creeping into the workplace.

Believe me, I’d worked in a few workplaces to know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  I needed to be me and I needed to be working in an environment that I chose whether that was me working alone or collaborating with someone of MY choice.

Freedom tastes better than anything – better than money, better than a holiday and well, just better than anything you can think of.  The power of choice is one of life’s greatest gifts and I chose to give it to myself.

Life is just too damn short

Many years ago I remember having a conversation with a lady about what she did for a living.  She told me she was bored of her job working a switchboard and felt totally unfulfilled and could do the job with her eyes shut, in her sleep.

I asked her what she was going to do to change her life and her answer truly astounded me.  She said, ‘I’ve only got 15 years until I retire so I’m just going to stick it out.’

FIFTEEN precious years I thought to myself.  That’s what she’s prepared to waste and time is something none us can ever get back.

Think about what you’d like to do with the next 15 years of your life?  That’s approximately 5475 days or 131,400 hours.  If you’re reading this email I’m guessing that wasting your life on a job you don’t love isn’t the way you’d want to spend the time.

Like the late, great Muhammad Ali said,

Don’t count the days, make the days count”.


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I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author


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