Memory Tips For Life And Business

Memory tips for life and business

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we are literally ‘on the spot’.  We have to give a speech at work or we have to deliver some sort of content to an audience without the help of any notes.

Many people are now using the Facebook Live facility so they can literally go ‘on air’ and deliver a message live to their audience.  Pretty scary stuff as there’s no delete and try again facility in those circumstances …!

So, how do you cope with the dreaded ‘Brain Freeze’ situation?  Do you risk doing it ‘on the fly’, ‘by the seat of your pants’ and ‘hope for the best’?  Or, do you use a security net as I like to call it to ensure that you stay in control of what you’re saying?

I’m guessing, you’ll want the security net – a way of protecting yourself from drying up and resorting to rambling.

We have two types of memory: ‘verbal’ [using words] and ‘visual’ [using pictures].  The technique I have used is ‘mind-mapping’ or basically creating a story within my ‘memory palace’.  You can take a list of pretty dull information and turn it into a really creative story that your brain finds so much easier to remember.  Trust me, it works.

It’s actually very difficult to remember a list of words and just recall them.  Remember that game when you were shown items on a tray which were then covered after 30 seconds and you had to list as many things as possible?  It was tough and you probably only recalled a handful.

On the other hand, if you have a list of words [say bullet points] all you need to do is build a story around each one so that it links and loops into the next point.  I can show you a basic example here so you get the idea: –

Imagine you need to talk about: –

  • Your car
  • Your wife/husband
  • Your dog
  • Your favorite drink
  • Your favorite book
  • Your favorite hobby

Sounds simple enough but when we find ourselves up on a podium without notes and a sea of faces in front of us, stuff can just evaporate from your mind.  So, what can you do?

  • Imagine you’re in your fantasy car [mine’s a black Range Rover Evoque by the way] driving down a long country road
  • Your partner is sat next to you looking at the beautiful view
  • Your dog has its face stuck out of the window and you can see his comical face in the wing mirror
  • Your Starbucks coffee is nestling in its cupholder on the dashboard
  • Your favorite book is being played on a podcast and you’re listening to the story as you drive.
  • The thought of your brand new tennis equipment in the back of your car is making you smile as you drive to your new sports’ club.

For me, that’s a much easier way of remembering as I can see the whole scenario inside my head playing like a scene in a movie.  This makes me feel a whole lot more confident about remembering what is on the bullet point list above but also recalling it in the right order.  As a result, an enormous weight is lifted from your shoulders as all you have to do is remember the mental picture you’ve created and can see playing inside your head.

We all have weaknesses and my particular issue has always been remembering names.  I’m great at recognising people but for whatever reason, the name often doesn’t stick.  As a result, I try and make an association between a person’s name and something that is personal to them.  For example, someone called Gary may wear GARish jumpers or Sulaman who’s an accountant does SUMs for a living.  I think you can see what I’ve done there.

Simple, childish even but it works and you don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing it.

Weaknesses can be overcome through learning and utilising techniques that help solve your particular weaknesses or problems.  They do not have to stop us unless we allow them to.

Since being diagnosed with my autoimmune condition, I’ve realised that many of the occasions when I’ve suffered brain freeze have been linked to when I’ve felt unwell which has meant my mouth and brain haven’t always worked in perfect harmony …!  But, I didn’t allow the condition to define me or what I could do.  I just got on with it and worked around the issues.  Certainly getting myself a digital education that worked with the lifestyle I needed and wanted, has certainly helped me a massive amount.

I’ve used the techniques myself both in traditional bricks and mortar businesses and also the digital, online world too.  YOU can too.  They have helped me tremendously and enabled me to feel more empowered to deal with a situation where brain freeze might arise.  If you’re worried that you might not be able to start your own digital, online business because you’re concerned about being caught off guard and on the spot then worry no more.  If I can overcome my brain freeze/memory issues then so can you.

I hope this gave you value and some useful advice. Click here to find out more about how you can overcome your weaknesses and take your life to the next level.  

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author


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