I love entering competitions

I love entering competitions

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I love entering competitions – I started young

I remember getting bitten by the comping bug when I was just a child.  I can still recall the thrill of winning a pink designer swimming costume and sun lotion courtesy of Piz Buin as though it was yesterday.

Getting a long, white envelope in the post [LWE for those in the comping world!] is what we all look out for.  For me, it really has been a way of enhancing my lifestyle and I think that’s an important aspect to stress:  unless you’re really lucky and win BIG, comping will only ever give you some lovely little extras.  I certainly wouldn’t advise you give up the day job ….

Anyway, since that first win, I have dabbled with entering competitions ever since as I have tried to keep pace with change and kept up with modern comping trends.

I love entering competitions  – Times have changed

Slogan competitions have always been my absolute favourite and have won me quite a few fantastic prizes.  Unfortunately though, the slogan [or tiebreaker] competitions seem to be getting rarer although there are still a lot of creative competitions out there.

Rewind a few years ago and it was enough to have access to a decent encyclopaedia to answer general knowledge questions and a notepad.  Not so now.  Pretty much all of the competitions you will encounter today require access to the internet, social media accounts, a smart phone and a willingness to get ever more creative.

Just this morning, I had my I-pad out in order to try my hand at an instant win competition which is a type of competition I’ve never really focussed on before.  By this morning I mean 1.30am as I had hoped I might be lucky at a time when fewer people were competing.  It wasn’t to be so I’m going for it again but around 3.30am this time ….

However, that means you can do competitions wherever you are and whenever you want.  Use your lunch break to squeeze in a few competition entries, your commute on the train or time sat in a waiting room.  You never know what might happen.

I love entering competitions  – My best wins to date

Over the years, I have won some brilliant prizes and I intend to really ramp up my comping as I really want to win the three ‘C’s now: cash, car, cruise.  Here’s a few of the prizes I’ve won to date: –

  • A Bosch washing machine
  • A Staples ‘Office in a Box’ which comprised of laptop/stationery/office furniture
  • Champneys day spa tickets x2
  • A Good Homes designer furniture/wallpaper/accessories prize worth £4,300.00
  • A designer knitwear jacket
  • A Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • A Next table lamp

The Good Homes’ competition win was my biggest to date and was won on a tiebreaker which went:

My bad taste is cured, no longer an affliction,

No house doctor needed, just a Good Homes Subscription!

Just 18 little words earned me £4300.00 of designer prizes.  It helps that I love writing and have written poetry for many years as a hobby but I always think it’s amazing that just a few words can win wonderful prizes.

At a time when the economy is struggling and luxuries are being cut back on, this is a fun way of improving your existing lifestyle.

I Love entering competitions – Where to look for the best competitions

Competitions are everywhere if you look out for them in the supermarket, petrol station or newspaper.  Don’t just think ‘I never win’ because if you don’t enter you’ll never know!

There are some more dedicated comping sites which I use and they are as follows: –

I love entering competitions – The Equipment you need

A stash of postcards – I have used plain and coloured them up but I think some really beautiful pictures can help you stand out of the crowd.  I’m loving these which are £3.99 for a pack.

Sharpie pens –  brilliant for getting creative!  I love my rainbow selection of Sharpies and it really makes a difference to your entries

Postage – A big selection of stamps so you never miss a deadline

I love entering competitions – Stay organised and say thank you

Remember to keep a track of what you’ve entered and also the deadline.  If you need to keep receipts then create a separate folder and set up a spreadsheet in Google Sheets so that you can scan through what you’ve entered and see whether anything needs to be chased up.

Also remember to set your emails to filter out words such as ‘Winner’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Win’ so you don’t miss out on any important notifications.  This is a snippet of the email message I got when I won the Good Homes’ competition: –

I love entering competitions

I love entering competitions!

Last, but not least, always say thank you for the prizes that you win.  Manners cost nothing!

So, why not have a go?  Good Luck!

Here’s to life on your terms,

Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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I love entering competitions

I love entering competitions

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