How Do I Write A Book?

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The answer to ‘How do I write a book?’, is relatively simple:  You Just Do It.

How Do I Write a Book?

How Do I Write a Book?

However, it’s not always that simple …

How do I write a book? – You have to be a reader first

It really is Rule Number 1.  Learning the craft of writing through reading the works of others is essential.  The more you read in terms of style and genre, the more you will learn how you can improve and hone your own writing skills.

I can remember reading books from a very young age.  I loved how a story could pull me into another world and absorb me completely.  This is what you want to achieve through your own writing.

Read books that specialise in the area you want to write about such as romance or crime.  As I always tell my tuition pupils, you must learn to paint the mental picture for your reader and bring the page alive with your words.

How do I write a book? – Pay attention to everything around you

Writers are observant and usually people watchers.  Sometimes the smallest comment or observation can trigger the biggest and best ideas.  JK Rowling and her daydream about a boy wizard is just one significant example of how your own thoughts and musings can develop into something incredible.

As the saying goes:  truth is often stranger than fiction so keep your eyes open for inpsiration – it’s all around you.

How do I write a book? – Time and Schedule

Time is of course a major factor so you must really want to write a book because writing is an absolute passion for you.  Committing to a schedule is critical if you want to make steady progress.

Think about where you can fit in some writing.  We all say, ‘I’ve got no time’ but is that strictly true?  If you commute then use the time you have sitting on the train.  If you get an hour for lunch, dedicate that time to completing your word count for the day.  In a bid to improve the time I had available, I made a concerted effort to stop watching soaps and I can honestly say I have never looked back.  If you want to do it, there are ways and means of doing a little bit every single day.

How do I write a book? – Plan

As well as being a writer, I tutor kids for the 11+ exam.  Basically, my advice for a successful story applies to a novel as it would a short, creative writing story.  You must know how the story will end before you even begin writing.  It’s very much like planning a journey:  you need to know where the journey ends in order to get there in the first place.

For me, the process of writing my book, Still Waters, began with a large notebook in which I wrote copious amounts of notes relating to the characters I wanted to create and the storyline.  Keeping a track of your characters’ personality traits and appearance is important for consistency.  Be certain of your characters before you start.  If you have enough space, you could pin up these notes on pin boards so it’s easy for you to cross reference.

How do I write a book? – dealing with writer’s block

There will be times when ideas are not forthcoming and you are struggling for content.  However, if you have the plan referred to above, I would use the time and opportunity to review your notes.  Reabsorb yourself in your own thoughts and creations.  Your characters should exist as three dimensional individuals so let them speak to you and let them guide the storyline.

How do I write a book? – be your harshest critic

When you’ve poured your heart and soul into a piece of writing, it can be hard to stand back and criticize it.  However, you must be ruthless and edit your work.  Every word must count, so strip it back and get rid of what doesn’t work or add value.  Ask a friend who enjoys the genre you have created and ask for their honest opinion.  Alternatively, you could try submitting it to a book group to see if they will offer you some constructive advice

How do I write a book? – accept failure

Accepting failure and moving on is hard but necessary.  I’ve written books and poetry because I have loved doing it.  I also used it as my therapy whilst going through some of the toughest times in my life.  Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to sell to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

I certainly didn’t set out thinking I would be living a millionaire lifestyle.  However, writing can be a great way of earning some extra money particular now that Amazon self publishing has made ‘getting your name out there’ a possibility for anyone who wants to give it a go.

So, go on then, what are you waiting for?

Here’s to life on your terms,

Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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How Do I Write A Book?

How Do I Write A Book?


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