How Do I Get More Organised?

How Do I Get More Organised?

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Getting more organised when you have a busy life and family can be tough especially when everything seems to be moving at a million miles an hour.

However, there are some easy tips I can share to make sure you make life as easy and organised as possible.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Make the most of your Smart phone

Emails can be the bane of our lives, especially when your inbox seems to just keep breeding more and more of them!

By syncing your email accounts to your phone you’re able to keep a better track of what’s going on.  Perhaps you’ve got elderly parents you have to look after too.  My mum likes me to keep a track of her email account so that if she gets any bill reminders, I can handle it on the go for her.

I also use my phone for setting reminders: especially birthdays.  As more friends have more children it can be difficult to stay on top of it all.  I usually insert my dates into my Google Calendar and then all my diary reminders just appear on my phone where I can act on them or delay for a few hours.  Easy!

How Do I Get More Organised? – Have a card and gift drawer

My mum started doing this years ago and it simply involves having a variety of card stashed away so that they’re available if you have a last minute event you have to deal with.

There’s nothing also worse than having no wrapping paper to hand and having received gifts wrapped in foil at Christmas, I was determined I would not do the same!  If you buy plain paper and ribbons/bows at sale times along with a selection of cards, you can stash them away and never have to worry again.

If you’re going to re-gift items you have received, I recommend keeping a note of who you received the gift from to avoid any embarrassment of gifting it back to the same person.  Candles are always a good standby for the girls so watch out for sales again and have a few stashed away ready to go.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Stamps

How many times have you needed a stamp and not had any?

If you’re like me and enjoy entering competitions, stamps are crucial and if you don’t have them to hand you may well miss an important deadline.

I make sure I’m never without and buy in large quantities.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Scanner

I invested in a fairly cheap Epson scanner which has served me well since I started my online tuition business.

It has also proved useful from an organisation point of view too as I have scanned many of my important documents such as passport, driving licence etc and then saved them into cloud storage.  Should the worst happen [say your passport was stolen abroad] you can at least access your identification documentation online when you’re getting the issue sorted.

This will save you a lot of time and hassle.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Holiday Checklist

If you have to take medications and need a lot of ‘stuff’ when you go away because of children, pets etc then trying to remember everything can be a nightmare.

I created a very simple Excel spreadsheet which lists all the items I need to check off before I go on any type of holiday.  It can be edited as necessary and then all you need to do is print a copy and tick off as you pack your bags.

It’s saved me a lot of headaches and once you’ve created it you won’t look back.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Holiday Essentials

I’ve learned the hard way when going through Manchester airport last year only to realise that the size of my shampoos, conditioners etc were too big.  I had to leave quite a few things behind!

But, instead of paying a fortune for mini versions of your favourite product, just collect the free shampoo/conditioner samples you get in magazines throughout the year and take those with you.  You can also get tiny toothpaste samples by searching for freebies on the internet and they last a lot longer than you might think.  A small tube of toothpaste will easily last 2 weeks so you’ve no need to lug around any more than you need..  You really don’t need to pay a fortune at Boots to get those travel size compliant containers or miniature products.

How Do I Get More Organised? – Hair

For many years, I resisted the idea of ‘dry shampoo’ as stupidly, I couldn’t really get my head around how it was supposed to work.

Now, I wouldn’t be without it and if you do happen to miss a hair wash then using dry shampoo is an absolute life saver if you need to get out of the door fast.  Not only does it soak up greasiness, it also gives flat hair an amazing amount of body.  If you have thin hair, I definitely recommend it for a boost.

I’ve tried a few but Batiste is my absolute favourite.

How Do I Get More Organised?

How Do I Get More Organised?

How Do I Get More Organised? – Prescription eyewear

I am really shortsighted so the thought of being somewhere and not being able to see is very scary.  It really amazes me how many people have a really careless attitude to this though because it can leave you in an incredibly vulnerable position.  If anything happened to one of my contact lenses whilst I was out driving I wouldn’t be able to drive, simple as that.

So what do you do?

Well, be prepared by carrying a spare pair in your bag or purse.  Sounds easy but I bet most people don’t do it.  I also carry a cheaper pair of glasses in my car which I wouldn’t normally be caught wearing but if they got me home safely then I’m not too bothered!

How Do I Get More Organised? – Your car

As a female, we are more vulnerable if we get stuck somewhere alone and worse still, at night.  I always carry a blanket in the car, a spare fully charged and cheap mobile phone and details of my emergency roadside assistance provider.

If you travel longer distances for work, I would recommend a small kit in the boot of your car in case you have to stay the night somewhere unexpectedly.  This could include spare tights, underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush and some makeup.  More importantly, if you take regular medications you should keep spares with you at all times such as asthma inhalers etc.  As people are having to commute for far longer these days you never know when you might have to stay overnight at a hotel or a friend’s or colleague’s house.

As always, we never know what’s around the corner but you can always make life a little easier if you’re a bit more organised.

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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How Do I Get More Organised?

How Do I Get More Organised?


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