How can I make money?

How can I make money?

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How can I make money? = Rent it don’t sell it!  

Think about what is under your nose before you think about getting a second job or worrying about a loan in order to pay for something you desperately want.  I’m all about striving for a luxury lifestyle but I want it for less so taking some time to rate your existing assets may just start putting money in the bank.  What’s more, by renting out property you get to keep the stuff you love and the bonus is your earn money from it too.

How can I make money? = Rent a room or the whole house

You don’t pay tax on the first £7500.00 you make by renting out a room in your house in the UK.

Business people, foreign students and other lodgers could be looking for what you have to offer.  Some people even move out of their home when, say, Wimbledon is on as they know demand for accommodation is high.

Airbnb offers some really good tips about setting yourself up so consider what you’ve got available.  Do you have empty next syndrome and there’s a spare room available?  Have you get a self-contained unit just doing nothing?  Have you got a second property that’s doing nothing or are you just not at home that often because you work away?

How can I make money? = Rent your driveway

Do you live near a sports’ venue, a city centre entertainment stadium or a busy city where lots of people struggle to park?  If so, consider renting out your driveway.

Car parking can be a real headache not just logistically but costly too.  Just knowing there is a definite parking space at the end of your journey is a massive relief.  If you can offer someone peace of mind by simply offering up the space in your driveway, that would otherwise not be used, then everyone benefits

How can I make money? = Rent Your Friendship

Not as dubious as it may sound if you’re looking to hook up with someone to share a sport with, to go walking or just go shopping.

For example, perhaps you live in Oxford and know all the great places to see and visit.  Someone who is just wanting to visit Oxford for a weekend may well want to rent your friendship for a few hours so that they get a great tour of the city without having to undertake a soulless city bus tour.  If someone only has a little bit of time and wants to make the most of it then this is a really great option to consider.

It is entirely platonic and you negotiate the terms direct with the individual who contacts you.

How can I make money? = Rent your car

Subject to a few simple checks, if you have a car that you can rent out whilst you’re not using it then this could be a great option.  Perhaps you’re lucky to have a second car that isn’t used that often or you work away from home and the car is left sitting in the garage when it could easily be making money instead.

You could earn up to £3000.00 a year which is not to be sniffed at!

How can I make money? = Rent your designer clothes / bags

Do you love your designer wedding dress but just can’t bear to part with it?  Well then, you guessed it, there are places you can rent it out from.  One example is GirlMeetsDress.

Have you got a shed load of designer bags that sit inside their dustbags in your wardrobe when they could be earning you money?  If yes, take a look at Designer Handbag Hire as just one option where you can start making money from your Louis Vuittons.

For more tips on where you can rent your clothes, bags and jewellery click on this link.

How can I make money? = And for anything else you can think of from bikes to power tools

Take a good long look at what’s lurking in your garage, loft or shed.

You could have a whole host of possessions that could be making you some passive income.  One well established site you could have a look at is RentMyItems.

Either way, think about what’s under your nose and get it to make money for you!

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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How Can I Make Money?

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