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Do What You Love – My Secret Skill

Poetry and the crafting of words has always been a bit of a passion of mine.  I’m no Shakespeare, don’t get me wrong, but I do love the challenge of making the rhyme work, manipulating the vocabulary and counting the syllables.  A bit weird, I know.  I can really get lost in my flow and that’s a sign of loving what you do.  So, give me any person and any set of circumstances and I can create a poem for them pretty darn quickly.  It’s just something I have a bit of a knack for – my party trick so to speak!

Do What You Love – Be In Flow

It’s a shame that much of what we do doesn’t feel like we’re ‘in flow’.  Life would feel a darn sight better if we did.  When was the last time you stopped watching the clock and wondered where on earth the time went.  Pay close attention to that and ask yourself if your life could be another way.  There’s nothing worse than feeling that time is dragging.  Time is precious and we should never wish it away and as I’ve said before, we can never get it back again.

So, dear reader, I have a confession:  a secret known only to a handful of people until now.  A friend of mine [and no, it wasn’t me] had a huge crush on a law professor back when we were studying law at university some ‘twifty’ [!] years ago.  She asked me if I would create a series of poems for him starting with Valentine’s Day, his birthday [can’t remember how we found out that], Halloween and Christmas.  Well, OK, I’ll admit to a couple of other random ones too.

This little game carried on for a period of about 18 months.  The poems were even delivered from various locations, including the Caribbean, as we knew someone on the course who lived there.  There was nothing offensive in the poems and I can still remember the first one I wrote very clearly, as it was tailored to that particular professor and his particular legal niche.

Do What You Love – Be Unique

I like to do bespoke pieces for people, if nothing else he would hopefully have a great memory of a time he got a series of poems delivered from all over the globe.  We never told him that my friend and I were behind the elaborate plan.  I believe he still doesn’t know to this day unless he reads this and puts two and two together so ssshhh don’t tell anyone.

Anything that is a tailored experience and targeted just for you means a whole lot more.  Getting a great gadget that’s been bought from an expensive shop might be fantastic for a while but the hand-painted picture from your child or a handmade gift from a friend always feels a whole lot nicer because it’s unique and just for you.

The memory stays with you for longer, probably forever and you just feel a whole lot better about the fact that somebody cared enough to take time out just for you.  I know my mom has kept a pebble I painted when I was a child and I’ve got a little box my grandfather made which he covered in shells he’d picked himself.  Those memories never leave you.

It means someone spent time doing something just for you.  They put effort into what they did and it wasn’t about how much money was spent on the gift.

Do What You Love – Make Your Life Bespoke

Our lives are bespoke to us from the day we’re born but often our jobs/careers are not.

Same uniforms, same commute, same workstation, same breaks, same lunch every day.  It’s boring and when you’re bored you become resentful then a vicious circle begins that’s hard to get out of.

Do What You Love – Use a System That Works

The Super Affiliate Network is a system that is tailored just for you with one-to-one mentoring that caters to your specific needs.  It’s a bit like buying a suit made by a tailor for your own measurements as opposed to something you pick up from a shopping mall that sags at the shoulders or is too long in the arm.

I joined The Super Affiliate Network at a time when I was ready to leave another program simply because I felt like the training was simply not tailored to what I needed to make my marketing a success.  This other program said a lot of ‘stuff’ but I never felt like my specific issues were ever fully addressed.  But then I suppose we need that for comparison in our own lives in order to appreciate what is truly worthwhile and right for you.

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author

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Do What You Love

Do What You Love


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