What Is Passive Income?

What is Passive Income?  The Definition What Is Passive Income? Answer = income earned on a regular basis with minimum effort required to maintain it. Notice I said minimum there not zero. So many of us are used to just getting an ‘income’ which means we are trading time for money.  ‘Income’ means dragging yourself…

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A Job For Life?

A Job for life?

A job for life?  It’s a thing of the past … The world is changing at a million miles an hour and that includes the traditional workplace.  Back in the day, our parents and grandparents were told that they had ‘a job for life’ but now the headlines are full of tales of redundancy, zero…

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Think About Your Future

The next five, ten, fifteen years are coming whether we like it or not. Sounds like an obvious statement but have you actually done anything to protect yourself from an uncertain future? Do you want to be doing a ‘normal 9 to 5’ at a time in your life when you thought you might be…

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