Best First Aid Kit For the Home

Best First Aid Kit For The Home

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I think most of us are guilty of just assuming that we will be ‘OK’ and nothing will ever happen to us at home or worse, when every single shop is closed over a public holiday.  But, accidents do and will happen so I thought I’d compile a list of some of the items I keep at home in the hope that it will inspire you to ‘be prepared’.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #1 – Dry Iodine Spray

I went through a really bad patch when I kept getting recurring ingrown toenail infections.  Sorry to be graphic but it was absolutely awful and I’m afraid it was because I simply mustn’t have nipped the infection in the bud quickly enough.  Now I am never without my Betadine dry iodine spray.  It’s difficult to find in the shops but Amazon stock it so I am never without.  It’s not cheap either but it has been a lifesaver.  What’s more over reliance on antibiotics is never a good thing and when this happens, antibiotics can become less effective.

Sepsis [blood poisoning] is is rare complication of having an infection and can be a killer.  Here’s the link to the NHS sepsis information page which you can bookmark in your browser.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #2 – TCP

Another old fashioned staple.

TCP smells lovely and clean and is a great multi tasker to help spots, sore throats, minor burns etc. It can even be used diluted as a mouthwash and as a general disinfectant.

A little goes a long way and it is also excellent for cleaning out your belly button which is something my mum has always taught me to do from being small as it is a nook and cranny that many people forget about and it should be kept clean to avoid infections!

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #3 – Germolene with local anaesthetic

Germolene is a very therapeutic cream that always smells pleasant and is a massive reliever of any itching when a wound is healing or your have an irritated rash.

I have tubes in bags, drawers, car etc so I am never without.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #4 – Tweezers

I have tweezers in every conceivable size and shape.  I love this cute little 4-piece set.

I carry them everywhere in case of splinters and the delicate removal of any skin, foreign body or ingrowing hairs that may be causing discomfort.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #5 – Simple painkillers

No brands for me thank you just plain old Ibuprofen or paracetamol tablets which you can pick up at your local pharmacist or supermarket.

I’ve talked about this before in my article I Need To Save Money – a new year is looming but it’s still worth repeating as you don’t need to spend a fortune on branded pain relief.  Don’t pay for fancy packaging or a fancy name.  You’re not getting anything extra but you are spending unnecessary extra money.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #6 – Cough and cold remedies

Again, as far as throat lozenges are concerned, I recommend just sticking to supermarket own brand as they’re far cheaper than branded versions.  However, I do like to have some Beechams powders in the house as they really do make me feel better when a cold starts to take hold.

Please do always be careful as they do contain paracetamol.  You should ALWAYS read the instructions and don’t take any other medications containing paracetamol.  All too often I’ve seen people abusing these cold remedies just because they’re a ‘nice lemony drink’.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #7 – Tiger Balm

I am never without this wonderful multi tasker and I love both the red and the white.  White is fantastic for headaches and the red is great for its warming/soothing capabilities eg a stiff neck.

The smell of the red version in particular is gorgeous and I literally feel as if I’m being wrapped in a warm hug when I rub it into my neck and shoulders.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #8 – Plasters and bandage

You buy cheap and you buy twice in my opinion.  I’m all for saving money but a decent brand of plaster that will last is better than using loads of useless cheap ones.

Make sure you have a variety of sizes to cover every eventuality like Steroplast assortment box of 100.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #9 – Scissors and gauze dressings

Keep a pair of scissors for first aid only as you can never find a pair of really effective scissors when you need them.

You can use them to cut your dry dressings to size to ensure a better fit.  They can also be used to cut off clothing in more serious first aid instances.

These Tuff Cut scissors are only £2.59 so a worthwhile investment.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #10 – Thermometer

Essential if you have children.  A digital version is best and easiest.  Simple as that.

Best First Aid Kit For the Home Item #11 – Tearable tape

We all know what’s it’s like trying to create a dressing from tissues and sellotape.

Need I say more?

I always keep this tearable tape to hand to secure dressings for minor wounds and to keep infections at bay.

Here are some useful websites you can bookmark: –

NHS – A to Z

St Johns Ambulance

A Heimlich manoeuvre tutorial for when somebody gets something stuck in their throat

How to spot Meningitis and Septicaemia

Look at these sites now, not just when something goes wrong.  I’ve had to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on my mum many years ago [dry chicken stuck in her throat] and it saved her life.

As the saying goes: Prevention is always better than cure.  However, you can prepare yourself if the worst happens.

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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Best First Aid Kit For The Home

Best First Aid Kit For The Home

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