My best book review 2017 – Di Morrissey ‘Tears of the Moon’

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As anyone who reads this blog may know, I am a huge book fan and have written my own romance/drama called Still Waters.  I particularly love epic historical dramas with sweeping storylines that cast me back to a time in history that I can immerse myself into so this one was really up my street.

It takes a lot to impress me but when I do find a book a love I will shout it from the rooftops and try to find every single book ever written by that author.  So, watch out Di Morrissey, I’m ready to devour your entire back catalogue!

The story of ‘Tears of the Moon’ begins in Australia in 1995 and the reader is introduced to Lily Barton who has been left a beautiful but mysterious pearl pendant by her mother.  Lily decides to investigate her family history which is something her own mother chose never to talk about.

Very quickly the reader is swept into the history of 19th and 20th century Australia where we meet Lily’s ancestor, Olivia Hennessy.  Originally from England, she and her husband arrive in Australia where they hope to make a new life for themselves.

Their new start doesn’t get off to a fantastic start and very quickly Olivia encounters the enigmatic John Tindall, a pearling master and their relationship and all the highs and lows that ensue, both personal and business, is explored over the years that follow.

Olivia’s strength and bravery is a significant theme throughout this novel so anyone who loves a strong female character is in for a treat.  If you enjoy Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Emma Harte character then I think you would enjoy this book too.

If I’m honest, the thought of reading about pearls didn’t strike me as being particularly interesting when I first found this book.  I was clearing out my mum’s garage and just found it lying around.  I had no idea that Tears of the Moon referred to pearls or that there was so much intrigue and danger involved in the pearling industry.  It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Tears of the MoonI love to be swept away into another world when I read a book and I really did find that I was completely absorbed by the story, the characters, the history and the locations.  I really didn’t want this story to end even though some aspects of the storyline were a bit predictable and one or two of the coincidences a little difficult to believe, I still thought that this book was an excellent read.

There was a strange prologue set in 1905 Broome which I kept trying to relate back to the main storyline but, for whatever reason, it never seemed to link to any of the characters.  I believe it must have been to highlight just how dangerous the pearling industry was as I think most people never really truly understand the lengths people went to in order to make their fortune from the sea in this way.

Apparently, there is a sequel too called ‘Kimberley Sun’ so I shall try and locate that one and give it a go.

I’d love to hear from you and your favourite reads too!

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My best book review 2017 - Di Morrissey ‘Tears of the Moon’

My best book review 2017 – Di Morrissey ‘Tears of the Moon’

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