Make the landmark celebrations in your life bespoke to YOU

The gift of words is one of the most powerful the world over and history has dictated that people over the years gone by have expressed their love, emotions and feelings through the power of the written word.  Poetry is renowned for its romanticism and ability to pull at the heartstrings so how better than to celebrate a landmark in your life than with a bespoke poem?

What landmark celebrations would be suited to a bespoke poem?

Well, I can write for any occasion and for anyone but here are some suggestions:

  • Are you getting married and would love a special poem to be presented to ‘your other half’ on the big day?  How wonderful would your other half feel if they were presented with something you had taken time, care and love to create just for them?
  • Would you like to incorporate a funny, witty and original poem into your wedding speech?  My poems are all based on a bespoke questionnaire which would make your speech original, quirky and modern.  What’s more, it’s guaranteed to raise a smile and your guests’ glasses!

  • Is your best friend someone who’d appreciate the kind of bespoke poem that they could treasure for years and ultimately become an heirloom for their family?
  • Is your relative someone who’s going to celebrate a milestone birthday, an anniversary, a new baby or has even lost a beloved pet?

If so, I can write for any of these occasions.

Here’s an example of a poem I wrote that was included in a wedding speech:-

For My Husband on Our Wedding Day

We met on a Thursday, the fifth of May,

At the Lion of Vienna, my lucky day.

What a vision in lycra, sipping your gin,

A magical moment, an epic win.

Like that day at the races, five years ago,

We certainly saw our finances grow.

You bought some tyres for the ‘babe mobile’,

Took us for a spin and made me squeal.

But I still loved your style, your own brand of slick,

Even with hindsight, you’d still be my pick.

So rewind a few months, we added to the clan,

And Marley the dog became part of the ‘fam’.

The king of all fur kids, a mate with a tail,

You’re a pushover daddy, but still Alpha male.

You love to travel, we’ve seen some places,

A campervan always, no airs and graces.

Listening to Coldplay whilst you drive along,

Made us some memories, it became ‘our song’.

I learned you loved eating beans from the tin,

Not the nicest of habits but hardly a sin.

Relaxing by the ocean, a simple pleasure,

Reading and surfing, at your leisure.

Or walking the beach, Marley in tow,

Watching the sunset till it’s time to go

To the home we call ours, the perfect retreat,

We finally did it so we can put up our feet!


See more example poem information at my blog too and you can also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions’ section.


Prices start at £165.00 for a 26-line poem, like the one detailed above and would be delivered to you via email.

More lines can be added and would be subject to an additional cost but whatever you want to do I can assure you it will be unique and bespoke to you!

Your confidential information would not be disclosed to anyone and once the poem has been completed, your details would be destroyed.

Please contact me for more information about my bespoke writing service.

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