Bespoke Poetry – Bespoke By Rachel

Bespoke Poetry - Bespoke By Rachel

The power of the written word has been incredibly important to me over the years for many different reasons.

I have used bespoke poetry to make people laugh, to help people through their grief, to surprise and bring happiness.  Rather than giving someone a ‘thing’ that anyone can buy, I have given a piece of writing that is bespoke to them with a memory attached that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Bespoke Poetry - Bespoke By Rachel

Bespoke Poetry – Bespoke By Rachel

Bespoke Poetry – Bespoke By Rachel = A memory that lasts forever

Instead of a ‘thing’, I give a ‘happening’.

For me, I have also used the power of poetry and the written word in general to help me through some of the toughest times of my life.  Absorbing myself in someone else’s words has helped to lift my spirits enormously.

By way of giving back, I also wrote my own fictional story which I self published on Amazon with a view to helping other people to lose themselves in my story.

So much of what we do today is governed by technology.  If we want to send someone a message, we text.  If we need to send someone a letter, we email.  The personal touch seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.

The art of expressing your thoughts through words is truly a gift and one which I love to share with others.

Bespoke Poetry – Bespoke By Rachel = For the person who has everything!

Perhaps you know someone who has all the material items under the sun.  What do you buy that person who has everything?

This is where I can come in.

I can write you a beautifully bespoke piece of poetry for anyone.  Just fill in my questionnaire so that I can make the poetry truly bespoke to your chosen recipient.

Here’s an example of a humorous/Valentine poem I wrote for someone who wanted to send it to a commercial lawyer: –


Ode to the man in room one point one seven,

You, my sweet, are the definition of heaven.

A specimen of ‘quality’, the epitome of raw sex,

Yet surely still do you me perplex.

An exterior that’s as hard as nails,

Masculinity that never fails.

But deep within, I surely know,

A warm loving heart throbs aglow.

Your magnetic ever present rapport,

Doth surely make my blood pressure soar.

Oh to be in your loving arms,

And succumb to your all embracing charms.

Now alas, dear heart, my rhyme is at an end,

So let me for a moment pause.

To assure you that I would forever be,

Your number one Romalpa clause.


I know this put as smile on the recipient’s face and why?  Because it was truly bespoke to them.  Someone had gone to the time and effort to give them something that a shopping experience could never replicate.

Please contact me for price information here or message me at my Facebook page –

I look forward to your bespoke request!

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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Bespoke Poetry - Bespoke By Rachel

Bespoke Poetry – Bespoke By Rachel


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