Frequently Asked Questions: –

Q: How do you make sure that the poem is completely bespoke to the recipient?

A: I send you a questionnaire that asks you a number of questions about the recipient and also gives you an opportunity to add in any other information you feel is relevant. This will give the poem its bespoke quality and therefore create a unique and special gift. I ask you questions about their funny little habits, likes, dislikes, opinions and hobbies etc.  Think of the gameshow ‘Mr & Mrs’ and you won’t be far off the mark!

Q: Why should I commission you to write the poem for me?

A: There are a lot of poets and writers out there but not all of them have been writing as long as I have or have both factual and fiction books published and available on Amazon [read more about that here]. I love to write and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating bespoke pieces for people that will genuinely make them happy and brings a smile to their face.

Q: Is there anyone you won’t write for?

A:  Asbsolutely not!  I will write for anyone and any occasion.  Here is an interview link to The Gay Wedding Guide which feautures a Q&A session about how I got started and what the bespoke poetry process involves.  You will also find me listed as a supplier on the GWedding Directory – click their logo below for more information!


Q: Why should I buy a poem and/or celebration video package instead of just buying a gift in the shops?

A: It is a unique and everlasting gift that the recipient can refer back to in the years to come. Flowers die, perfume runs out eventually and other gifts just sit in drawers or get sold on Ebay. What would mean more to you? A gift that anyone, anywhere might own or a truly bespoke and unique present? I know what would mean more to me. This is not just a ‘thing’ you can buy it is a ‘happening’ that your recipient will always remember.

Q: Who do you use to create the celebration video messages?

A: I have sourced a number of excellent and professional actors, mainly American, to provide an authentic ‘Disney style’ experience. I have painstakingly selected the best entertainers to provide an excellent, professional and memorable experience.

Q: Who are the celebration video messages suitable for?

A: Any child who loves a party princess or a superhero. However, some children are perhaps a little more reserved and shy so this format is perfect for them as it is not too overwhelming. The child can view their video with mummy and daddy on their own or with their friends at home. That way, there is more control over the whole experience. You may also have a child with very specific needs or limitations and as such, a traditional children’s party may not be a realistic option for them. This would be a perfect solution.

Also, if you’re abroad or posting a gift is difficult for you, the email only format is the perfect solution.

Q: How do you justify the cost of 3 -5 minute celebration video message?

A: This is a bespoke, filmed experience and time is spent liaising with the individual commissioning a poem and/or a celebration video message. I personally write the poetry which needs to be created from the questionnaire completed by the customer. Also, when you you have requested a celebration video message, the professional actor needs time to create the illusion [i.e hair, makeup, costumes and filming] and the video end product. Basically, this is a bespoke mini film for your child. The memory you create is also one that will last a lifetime and could be regarded as a ‘technological’ heirloom of the future if you store the video carefully in a cloud storage facility. It is something that can be shown to your child’s own children and grandchildren in the future. How lovely is that?

Any more questions?  Please do contact me!