How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes

How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes

How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes I made to achieve business success: –

  1. Trying to do it all on my own

Independence is a good thing but sometimes it can go too far.  I was always a firm believer in the policy that if I delegated a task it just wouldn’t get done properly.  I was wrong.  Leveraging your time is an entrepreneurial skill and essential to your business success.  There are lots of websites out there that can help you tackle jobs such as setting up your website or designing your branding. Some examples are Fiverr and People Per Hour.

You are an entrepreneur so free up your time to do stuff that counts towards the growth of your business.

  1. Not asking for the help of a mentor

This is linked to Number 1 but I have mentioned it as it is a mistake I made when starting my own entrepreneurial journey.  ALL the entrepreneurial greats have people they have turned to for guidance and to be shown the way.

Why muddle your way through the affiliate marketing maze when there are experienced people ready, willing and available to help you.  Me included!  I found the help I needed and no, I couldn’t and still can’t do it all by myself.

  1. Ignoring the power of social media

I am a relative newbie to social media [just 4 years in] and I never really understood how it could help me and my business.  All I had ever seen of Facebook and Twitter were people sending messages about what they’d had for dinner and other such micro updates that meant nothing to me at all.

What I completely missed was the global reach of social media and if you’re using it cleverly you can supercharge your business to a whole new level.

Don’t cut yourself off from these great resources as they are key to unlocking the audience you want to attract to YOU.

  1. Thinking I could ‘do it’ without investing money

This is the classic ‘scarcity’ mindset.  I had a fear of losing money because I didn’t want to be scammed and I needed to hold onto every penny of my savings ‘just in case’.

The truth is that to run a high quality online business that can SCALE effectively, you have to put in some money.  I’ve mentioned before that I spent nearly $10,000 on a previous program and yes, I made some mistakes.

Money comes and money goes.  It can be earned back again but unless you spend it, it can’t work for you in a business context.

  1. Lacking self belief

A lack of confidence and a lack of belief that making an online business a reality is what held me back for too long.

I worked very hard to overcome the nagging voice of doubt inside my head and I suspended my disbelief even though I had just left the other program I was involved in after 9 long and painful months of being in a state of ‘no results’.  In other words, you need to hold your nerve because the results aren’t instantaneous.  You have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

You are not too old and it doesn’t matter if you’re not super teccie either.  It is not impossible to learn new skills – you are already further down the road than most people if you’re reading this post!

So, please learn from my mistakes.  Mistakes are part of the learning process but I hope that by sharing my own insight with you that this helps you to shorten your quest for entrepreneurial success.

I wish you every success for your digital future!

Rachel A Hill LLB [Hons]

Digital Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Private Tutor and Author

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