7 Ways To Feel Happier

7 Ways To Feel Happier

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In my previous blog post about The Law of Attraction, I stressed that we needed to feel good in order to attract what we wanted from the universe.

I wanted to expand on that a bit as you might be saying that this is easier said than done.  You might think happiness is all about the BIG events in life like getting married, having children or getting the job of our dreams.  Trouble is, these events don’t happen every day so what do we do?

The answer is we must find happiness and joy in the small things.

7 Ways to feel happier – Have something to look forward to

It doesn’t have to be something huge like a holiday: it can be something as simple as a chocolate treat at the weekend or watching your favourite film with a friend whilst snuggled under a cosy heated blanket.

For me, it’s going to be looking forward to seeing Adam Lambert perform with Queen later on this year.  It’s a lovely thought knowing I’m on a Countdown to see one of my absolute favourite artists and when I feel a bit down in the dumps, the thought of this will give me a little boost.

Better still, write down all your plans for small treats in a diary so that you have something you can review and reflect on.  It really does help to see things written down in black and white:  it is somehow life affirming!

7 Ways to feel happier – Schedule time with a friend

I so often find that talking with a really good friend whilst sharing something to eat or drink is a wonderful way to remove yourself from life’s worries and really lose yourself in enjoyment.

Just by chatting and talking about something other than your own problems and woes is a cheap and effective way of increasing your happiness.

Ask yourself who you haven’t caught up with for a while.  Why not call them and arrange a meet up?

7 Ways to feel happier – Get lost in a book

I’ve written a lot about the simple joy of reading a book.  I love to lose myself in a story and find that creating a mental picture in my head is an excellent way of increasing a sense of wellbeing.  Cosying up in a corner when it’s dark and rainy is my idea of heaven.

I carry reading material with me everywhere I go and instead of resorting to fiddling with my phone, I read whenever I can.  It really is one of life’s best medicines along with tea, chocolate and hot baths.

That’s why I wrote my own book in the hope that it would bring pleasure to others.

7 Ways to feel happier – Play with a pet and live in the moment

Seeing the world through the eyes of an animal is a real ‘feel good’ experience.

For me, it’s always a dog I would favour.  I adore them.  But, it could be whatever works for you.  They live each day completely ‘in the moment’.  There is no worrying about money, paying a mortgage or dying.  They simply take pleasure from what they are doing in that moment.

I also love to cuddle a dog as I find the experience very therapeutic, calming and comforting.  The love a pet gives you is unconditional and pure.

How can that not make you feel happier?

7 Ways to feel happier – Exercise to release the endorphins

When we feel less than ‘top hole’ the first thing to go is usually exercise.  However, getting up and about is a simple way to shake ourselves up and improving wellbeing.

I’ve previously talked about my joint issues and the fact that I simply cannot use my knees as I once could.  Walking is still one of the best exercises [better still with a dog] and it really does engage you with nature far more than even running, in my opinion, as there is more time to absorb and appreciate your surroundings.

If you don’t want to walk alone why not team up with friends or neighbours to make yourself more accountable?  Failing that, Google a walking group local to your area.

7 Ways to feel happier – Get back to nature

I find that being near water is incredibly soothing.  I love the sound and feel of it so walking near streams or rivers work wonders for lifting the spirits.

Think about the country and woodland areas near you.  Even if you’re in a city, check out the parks that are close by.  An appreciation of green space and the nature that lives within it will serve you massively and help to lift your spirits.

Better still it’s FREE!

7 Ways to feel happier – Lose yourself in a hobby or pastime that you love

As a child I was always busy doing activities and occupying every minute of the day.  As we grow older we often lose our hobbies because work and family commitments take over.

Think about all of those things that engaged your interest and rekindle the flame.  Perhaps you loved crafting, bird watching or dancing.  When we engage ourselves in activities we love then time just seems to fly by and our worries seem to just melt into the background.  Rekindle a passion and let the joy flow all over again.

You never know, you may end up making some money out of your newly found passion.  Who knows where it might take you?!

Here’s to life on your terms,


Rachel a.k.a The Life Hack Tutor

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7 Ways To Feel Happier

7 Ways To Feel Happier

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